Dragon Ball Franchise & My Life Arc

Childhood Dream comes True moment.

Konichiwa Minna. Dragon Ball Super : Super Hero movie is getting released all over Indian cinemas today. This is the second DB movie to get released in India after Dragon Ball Super : Broly. I always want to watch the movie in big screens. I’m so much hyped to watch the movie today in my city Chennai.

Whatever this movie story may be it’ll have a special place in my heart. Jujutsu Kaisen 0, Demon Slayer movie in theaters was totally epic but DBS movie will be outstanding. I have grown up with Dragon Ball.

In my childhood I got introduced into DBZ in Frieza Arc in Cartoon Network (Regional Dub) by my neighborhood brother. We use to play WWE and watch Dragon Ball episodes together. We have raised our hands to give Goku the energy for Spirit Bomb that’s much of our energy but a small contribution to the spirit bomb. Tried Kamehameha, fighting as Z warriors. Cartoon Network use to put the same arc multiple times even though without hesitating me & my bro use to watch it. Cell Saga Arc totally went craze into Teen Gohan. Then Gogeta & in Majin Buu saga Gotenks fusion became my favorite. CN use to come to Kid Buu Arc and without finishing it they start it all over again and I haven’t seen the ending for long. At my 12th Higher Studies time my friend who has much wifi pack in his house downloaded as the whole collection set and I binged it all back again from start. This time it hit me different and many things i came to realize. Vegeta Sama become the Favorite Character still now no character couldn’t replace his place. Finished DBZ at the end of my 12th Higher Studies. Then I watched DB GT and Saiyan 4 transformation was different compared to the other transformation. It kinda felt raw & badass. After completing DBZ & DBGT only I started the Dragon Ball. My Best friend gave me a small explanation of DB before I binge these all so it synced well.

Felt kinda blank after finishing it. Rewatched the epi again & again. When I joined my college there we go a new announcement Dragon Ball Super to get released. Every Sundays were meant to DBS days surfing youtube for the latest released video. Goku Black and his OST are literal chills. Days went awesome. Tournament arc had many goosebumps scene for me. DBS got end.

I felt like I was lost. The Anime which I have grown with got end made me feel. DBS Broly movie got released in few cities in India.

I was unable to watch the movie in Theaters. When the movie gets released in online I was screaming all out loud. Seeing Gogeta fusion after long years. Fans were satisfied with the movies having nostalgia moments. The DBS manga was also started getting released. The new movie Dragon Ball Super : Super Hero is a CGI movie. Happy that they are trying out some new things in Anime. NGL first when I saw the trailer I thought it was some DBS game lol. Hope many felt that way. Seems the movie is concentrating bringing the OG Gohan back.

Me & my best friend use to play Dragon Ball Z : Budokai Tenkaichi 3 still now. Himself as Goku and le me as Vegeta. We share the body forms also like the character. Like the legendary Broly we two have one more best friend. We three have been watching DB from childhood. The Saiyan Trio.

Today I’m gonna watch the Movie in theatre and I don’t know how to express it in words. Will share the experience soon JAANE – Pvnstarlet

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