RRR Rampaging in Japan Box Office crossing 1 Billion Yen!

RRR movie by S.S.Rajamouli released last year on March 24, 2022 and it even won a best original song Oscar nomination. It has had a historic run in Japan.

RRR Japanese Theatrical Poster

Top Manga artists, Anime authors, video game developers like Hideo Kojima were astonished by the movie and were appreciating it online. Even the movie song Naatu Naatu was used as reference in a few manga.

An unexpected hit for the movie the past year in Japanese theatres. Now it sets another record for the First Indian film to exceed 1 Billion Yen in Japan’s Box office, from past October it has been having an overwhelming amount of response and is still a long running hit.

Before RRR movie, Muthu an older Indian movie named as “Muthu Dancing Maharaja” was the highest grossing Indian movie with 400 Million Yen. Now RRR steps to the first place exceeding 1 Billion Yen. Kudos to the RRR team for the success.

Muthu Poster Japan
Muthu Dancing Maharaja’s Posters

Will there be a second part of RRR ??? Or will there be a short anime for RRR ???

Stay tuned and let’s wait.

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