Spanish reference in Megalo box

So, something about megalo box got my interest piqued, when I saw this frame, there was this scene where Joe and his coach head towards buying a new gear, and inside the car, there’s approximately 5secs shown of this hanging cross, when the background transforms from day to night as they’re traveling. The words in the keychain (“dios apreita pero no ahoga”) roughly translates (Spanish) “God squeezes but does not drown“. I was quite interested to see that they used this kind of reference and thinking about it, in a deeper perspective, the words perfectly blend into the circumstances and the situation of the scene, also the entirety of the show. Because right from episode 1 they’re shown hopeless, becomes even worse when they decided to enter the contest, they don’t have a good gear, the coach’s life’s at stake… God squeezes them but, yet does not drown them, as you see joe registers for the contest, they get a new ship, and now on their way looking for a new gear, they train knowing that they’ve got only three months, and at the end of the episode – hope still exists, as Joe and his coach keep moving forward. That was the first sign, to indicate that there was still hope.., even at tough times, God squeezes you but does not drown…

Now, the second take was the kids in the show, sachio and the others, who live on the streets.., stealing things and exchanging them for mere candies, which for them were more important. This clearly shows how rough life the kids face each and every day, but at end of the day, they get what they want – a red candy. Although the red candy isn’t a permanent solution, but again “God squeezes them but does not drown”.

Everything on that ep., related to that one hanging cross (cross for a reason – Christianity- denoting god)..Not only the episode, the cross kinda correlates to the current situation of the characters involved for the entire series. Quite a reference they took!! I enjoyed megalo box and was happy noticing this. Looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

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